An examination on the perversion of representative government, MP Murphy’s essay has been claimed Common Sense for a new age. Based on the study of the constitutional system in America, the work evaluates the ease with which government is corrupted and how the need for constant reform is the only way to secure the liberties of a people. Taxation, campaign finance, and the two-party system are at the forefront of this cry for improvement, while the writing is backed by the founding principles of the American Revolution. Part political study and part sermon, A Treatise on the Corruption of a Constitutional Government, is a must-read for everyone concerned with politics, personal freedom, or the future of America. BUY NOW


What is it like to think like a killer? Take a peek into the life of admitted murderer Louis Collins, from his own unique perspective. In true to life detail, Killing Floor: Memoir of a Serial Killer brings readers closer than ever before to understanding the thought process behind a man driven by the anger inside of him, as he recounts some of his more notorious exploits. Gruesome images come to life through the only eyes that were there to witness what happened, those of the killer.

Upon finding Louis Collins memoir anonymously mailed to him, MP Murphy set out to validate the details of the story. Findings pointed to actual unsolved missing person cases, and further evidence brought validity to the story. Unedited, the memoir of Louis Collins is now being shared with the rest of the world, as an examination of one man’s anger and its parallel to our own misgivings about society. BUY NOW


Jack Francis is on vacation and in Charleston, South Carolina to attend a wedding, but when a groomsman is found murdered the former FBI Agent is put on the case. The victim, a member of the Charleston aristocracy, is the linchpin behind a deeper mystery involving a long forgotten secret society and ghosts of the Civil War. It is now up to Francis to track down the killer while following the path of lost Confederate treasure.

In the South, history runs deep but will Jack Francis dig further than anyone wants him to go? BUY NOW


crookedriverCaptain Gilmore, a baron of Cleveland industry, is appalled by the negative press his two daughters have brought on the family, so when the youngest is caught up in a blackmail scandal he does everything he can to keep it out of the local tabloids, including hiring former FBI agent Jack Francis to track down the blackmailer. With a passion for bourbon and women, Francis dives headfirst into a case that soon turns into a murder investigation with a disappearing body. Knowing that he may be in over his head Jack calls on the help of his former partner at the Bureau to give him a hand, only to discover it was agent Colin Sommers who had recommended him to the Captain in the first place. Soon Jack is looking over his shoulder and questioning loyalties as he tries to retrieve the blackmail evidence and stop a killer from striking again. BUY NOW